About Me

I happily create art and papercuts from my cosy studio in the garden – with as much time as I can fit around two teenage sons and a 4 year old boy who thinks he is a teenager!

I have now been studying art for the last three years, at Art Academy East, and will graduate at the end of this year. I found paper cutting, whilst studying for a design and sampling module, and discovered the wonderful work of Henri Matisse and contemporary artist Rob Ryan. My paper cut work is inspired by historical stories and poetry, "words inspire art". I am really pleased to have recently completed an Alice in Wonderland series, and am looking forward to my next challenge.  

My papercuts are all original, I design them myself which is a very long process and the results are 90% design, some taking weeks to finalise, some evolving every time I make them. Some designs are entirely hand cut, and some need a helping head start from a machine called ScanNcut. Each picture will be a little bit different and all are unique as they are all hand finished with a craft knife or very very small scissors.

My premium frames are made from solid oak, or pear wood, and they are beautifully hand crafted and finished. Using these frames  mean I can suspend my images within the frame,  providing wonderful cast shadows with the correct lighting. There are a limited amount of framers that can reproduce this technique, so I feel privileged to have found an artisan that can do so with such great results.